Welcome to Driftwood Sculptures - Nature Reborn.

We carefully select unusual and interesting pieces of Driftwood in their raw salt bleached state, that are sourced for us ethically from New Zealand. Some of which can be many hundreds if not thousands of years old, and have unique interesting shapes and natural characteristics created by Mother Nature .

Some pieces we enhance, and some we keep in their natural form that was shaped by nature, so something for all tastes.

The woods used include, Rata, Totara, Matai, Rimu, Red Beech, Yellow Beech & Black Beech as well as many other Exotic Hardwoods Native to New Zealand, all of which are chosen for their unique and interesting shape, graining and colour.

We enhance and sympathetically carve some pieces working with what Mother Nature has given us to bring out their best characteristics whether it be a Caricature or Abstract Sculpture, and then fully oil and mount to enhance your Garden or Home,- Nature Reborn.

Some Sculptures have several coats of Danish Oil and should be oiled occasionally to keep their appearance, some have waterproofing and some are left natural as they are found. Sculptures for the Home, are wax finished after Oiling with a light clear Citronella wax.
All of our Sculptures can be waterproofed oiled or waxed should you wish to do so.

We endeavour to work with Nature in all of our Sculptures, so that each Driftwood Sculpture retains as much of it's original character and colouring as possible, giving each piece a new life in your Garden or Home, - NATURE REBORN-an Heirloom for the future.

Please feel free to contact us on the numbers below, or by email on the contacts page to discuss any of the Sculptures and their prices further. 01502 724722 or mobile 07831 204 867